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Inside Coach B's new 96-page eBook, you'll learn:

  • what college coaches look for in recruits (and what they discuss behind closed doors)!
  • what NBA GM's and scouts are asking about on their pre-draft phone calls
  • the checklist for greatness (a simple, powerful 5-point template)
  • how to identify the right fit so that you have an enjoyable experience playing at the next level
  • what 'exposure' means and how it really works
  • which basketball platform is right for you (and what camps and showcases you should or should not be attending)
  • the 5 P's to perfecting your game
  • and much more...

About Paul Biancardi

Coach Biancardi has an extensive and successful background in coaching, evaluating and recruiting at all levels. He has spent 20+ years as a college basketball coach from Division 3 to being named the Horizon League Coach of the Year at Wright State University.

The last 10 years he has been the National Director of Recruiting for ESPN College Basketball and a contributor to the NBA Draft. This eBook takes you inside the mind of a college coach and what coaches look for in their recruits and what they talk about behind closed doors.

Scholarships are hard to earn and when coaches are comparing similar talent, they need to find a tie-breakers to make their decision. This eBook reveals exactly what those tie-breakers are.

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